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Increase your chances of being found online

The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to increase or enhance the amount of traffic and visibility to your website in an ethical way.

It's all about the rankings. Based upon certain criteria, your ranking determines how often your website comes up when doing a basic or advanced search. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have technologies (web crawlers) that search the web for keywords that match your search. If these crawlers find matching data, your site is ranked based on how much of that data coincides with the search someone may be doing. As you can imagine, not having searchable data, the way a crawler wants to see it, will greatly lower the chance of people finding you.

SEO MappingEarlier Ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques such as "Meta Tagging" and manual Search Engine Submissions have become extremely primitive. While adapting advanced technologies, search engines have become the first place people turn when searching for answers, services, or products.

The continual creation and enhancements of algorithms that power the search results have made it increasingly more difficult for web businesses to gain visibility.

Simple changes that Search Engine robots or crawlers use can dramatically alter the way in which the search engine ranks your content.

Experienced Search Engine Optimization firms and SEO consultants can implement up to date, proven Ethical Search Engine Marketing tactics to really boost your visibility. Coupled with traditional marketing, your investment dollars can really show measurable results that lead to greater returns.

IMT's SEO consulting plans for your business is flexible and can be provided via a monthly consulting fee, by a reasonable hourly rate, or on a per project basis.


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