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IMT's Network Administration Services:

Your network infrastructure is critical to your success in today's business.
The constantly changing business environment with its increasingly complex IT networks are harder to manage then ever. You company's increase demand for trouble free internet service, new wireless devices and changing networks create an endless hunger for bandwidth. More and more users — including mobile users — clamor for 24x7 access to more and more diverse applications. New business relationships multiply the technologies and vendors you need to manage.

Tough challenges, to be sure. But IMT can help.
Make the most of your network investments. IMT's experienced professionals can evaluate your network infrastructure, identify your risks and point the way toward performance and security improvements.


IMT's Services Include:

LAN (local area network):

  • Certified Cable and fiber installation for both voice and data
  • Complete Hardware and software solutions sales
  • Help desk support
  • Backup and Disaster recovery planning
  • Industry standard Network security solutions
  • Proactive on-going maintenance and administration
  • VoIP telephone systems

WAN (wide area network):

  • Branch /Remote Office secure networking
  • Secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Remote Network management
  • Telecommuting and smart phone/ PDA solutions
  • Router programming, installation and support


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